About Colin Brazier.

‘Meeting with Colin between was THE best journey I have ever embarked on. He is one of the most kindest, compassionate human beings I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Working in a safe, secure environment, enabled me to trust Colin and the treatment which essentially saved me.’    (Female, 46)

‘I worked with Colin in therapy for approximately two years starting with EMDR and then Gestalt therapy sessions. When I started I was in such distress that I could hardly make decisions to find solutions to my problems.  I found him to be a genuine, patient and most importantly a kind therapist, with pertinent questions and interactions which helped me understand myself and find new ways of dealing with the difficulties I was facing.  A year on, since my last therapy session, I feel emotionally robust, happier as a person and feel that I am making a difference.’    (Female, 39)

Colin relocated to Devon from London, where he offered psychotherapy at a highly successful private practice on Harley Street for the previous nine years, alongside lecturing psychotherapy students at the London Metropolitan University. He is also a clinical supervisor and professional trainer. He has worked in the field of therapy since the early 1990s, following a career as a TV war journalist that included documenting human rights violations in Latin America. This latter experience had a profound and inspiring influence on Colin and his desire to help people.

As a practitioner, Colin prides himself on sensitively and creatively tailoring his interventions to each of his clients individual needs, drawing on a wide array of therapeutic tools. His many years of experience and his expert use of EMDR usually make therapy a fast, highly effective, accurate and rewarding experience. In addition to his professional excellence, his clients have frequently commented upon his kindness, thoughtfulness and compassion as a human being.