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What I offer: I currently offer Psychotherapy and EMDR Therapy in Plymouth, Devon and offer clinical supervision and professional training internationally. This is a available both face to face and online. What I personally offer has evolved into a style of therapy which quickly gets to the heart of a matter; it offers a range of ways of working to try to accurately match a clients’ need and in the most effective and time efficient way.  Coupled with a friendly and warm manner, this therapy tends to be refreshingly brief and, as far as possible, an enjoyable/rewarding experience, particularly when long standing issues have been completely resolved.

My background: I am a highly experienced EMDR and Gestalt therapist, having used  EMDR Therapy since 1999 and merging this approach with Gestalt Psychotherapy. I am one of few EMDR Consultants in the South West of England.  I have worked in a therapeutic role since 1993 in a wide range of settings in London (including NHS, BUPA, the non-statutory sector, Harley Street, London Met University) until 2010, and since then in private practice in Devon, serving the NHS, another national institution, and private individuals. My long experience as a therapist and my keen interest in keeping up to speed with recent developments in psychology and neuroscience allows me to provide treatment that is grounded in experience and based on the best and most up to date clinical findings.

What is EMDR?  EMDR Therapy is a highly effective therapy that allows ‘stuck’ neurological circuitry in the body to reprocess, or become ‘unstuck’, and thereby flow and allow natural healing to take place. EMDR Therapy is able to work with both the physical and the psychological (i.e. holistically) because it is able improve the flow of the whole body system by unblocking stuck or poorly functioning internal processes.  It does this in part by stimulating brain processing using eye movements (or other bi-lateral stimulation).  It is recommended by NICE  (National Institute for health and Clinical Excellence) for use in the NHS and the WHO (World Health Organisation) for treating post-traumatic stress disorder. EMDR has also been found to successfully treat a wide array of other issues. Extensive scientific research has documented the fast, lasting and profoundly effective healing brought about by EMDR. (For further details please click on ‘What is EMDR Therapy’).

What is Gestalt Therapy? Gestalt Therapy is a talking/body therapy, focusing on therapeutic relationship and holistic healing.  As an integrative therapy it serves as a ‘holistic toolbox’, which may contain any number of clinical approaches under the same theoretical umbrella.  (For further details please click on ‘Gestalt Therapy – a brief introduction’, to the left).

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For further information, research and clinical evidence please go to emdr.com. 

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