Some former clients have added a few words to this website to say how the therapy had helped them and how it was to work with me. 


I suffered severe sexual abuse as a child, followed by years of crippling anxiety, depression and negative feelings, I was desperate to find someone who could help me get my life back. I had done several courses of behavioural therapy, but these had not helped: I was still living in the past and feeling hopeless.

Then my partner heard about rapid eye movement therapy and how it helps to deal with and process past traumas. This led me to find Colin Brazier, but little did I know then that Colin would change my life. From the start I found him very easy to talk to, sensitive and tactful, and I soon realized I could trust him completely with my painful memories. After some initial relaxation sessions, Colin guided me through the rapid eye movement therapy with skill and intelligence. Colin allowed me to set the pace and to choose how much I wanted to say. This made me feel that I was doing the work, and made me feel more confident.

It was hard work, but the results came fast and I finished the therapy much earlier than I expected. Thanks to Colin’s expert care, the nightmares and panic attacks gradually stopped, and I could think of the past without feeling any negative emotion or panic. My work with Colin has allowed me to live in the present again, with hope. I can now make plans, go out more, and I feel so much better. I have even bought a whole new set of clothes!

I cannot thank Colin Brazier enough!


Colin Brazier is a rarity in the world of therapy. He combines a natural empathy within a principled and ethical stance, alongside authentic wisdom that comes from a deep experiential understanding of the human condition. This cannot be taught in counselling courses at any level of qualification, nor can it be learned from books. The best therapists are born, not made. His way of being, and the skill with which he facilitated the EMDR process, enabled me to make my own connections between traumatic events in childhood and adult life, that I had neither previously perceived nor fully understood, and allowed me to reach resolutions with which I can live more peacefully. Past experience of inadequate and unskilled counselling with seemingly well-qualified therapists had left me feeling that my difficulties were insurmountable, and beyond help, so that I left feeling worse than when I started. I had little idea what to expect from EMDR, but Colin’s non-invasive approach and his long experience as a Europe accredited EMDR consultant has enabled me to move on with hope and renewed strength. I recommend him unreservedly.

Dr Christine Bennets, Devon


I really enjoyed working with Colin. I didn’t expect to enjoy working through the psychological effects of domestic abuse, the necessary but abrupt relocation to rural Devon from London, swiftly followed by an extensive, exhausting court trial over custody and access, whilst still breast feeding my first baby. I felt very safe with Colin, and very confident in his ability. He is so professional and fully present and now and then the excitement he feels about the EMDR as a therapeutic tool crackled through and I felt it was ‘quite likely’ that I was onto a winner. I think that is why I felt the work (intense course of EMDR) was enjoyable. It was also fascinating, profound and strong emotions surfaced, though it all felt very natural, and it was liberating. The joy and freedom, months down the line, is that the traumatic experiences seem to have been neutralised; I remember everything, though its off in the distance, when I went to Colin some things were resurfacing too regularly in my awareness. Life now might be able to move on. I would highly recommend meeting and working with Colin, he is very experienced as well as being a delight to work with.
Professional female, early 40s, Content Producer & Yoga Teacher


I spent two years having EMDR therapy with Colin. I was very apprehensive before my first session due to the amount of traumas I had experienced and wasn’t sure anyone could help me after seven years of suffering.

Colin immediately put my mind at rest with his calm manner. I decided then and there if anyone could help me it was this man. Colin did not pressure me in any way and took time to explain how EMDR would work for me.

Knowing Colin’s background made a huge difference to me putting my trust in him.

He is an exceptional person and when I struggled, seemingly against the odds at
times, he did not give up on me, kept going with me, and helped me to become who I am today.

A happy healthy person enjoying my work and life.

Thank you Colin.

Female professional, Devon


Just a quick line to update you with regards to how I’m feeling now that a few weeks have passed since treatment finished.
All I can say is that I finally feel like I’m living in my own skin. Like I’m really here without the anguish and the pain.
How I now relate to others is probably the most noticeable change. I’m just less ‘hung up’ about what people may or may not be thinking. I laugh more…I care less….I’m more open…I’m comfortable with me!! I sometime hear my reaction and think my goodness was that me..it really is remarkable.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Adult female, Devon


I worked with Colin on my relationship with my Dad who was an alcoholic and the over responsibility from this that I took into adulthood. Colin is a warm and respectful therapist and who allowed me to use therapy and to make the changes I needed. Doing EMDR with Colin helped me to separate from my Dad. Its been very freeing. There was a big shift inside and the world feels different. I no longer have performance anxiety and I function better as a parent, in work and relationships. I take more responsibility for myself and don’t take responsibility for things that aren’t mine. Thanks Colin.
C, female, 47


Colin – amazing! (you, it, me!)
I’ve not smoked for a month now – and it so rarely enters my head and
if it does it is gently and with curiosity rather than urgency. I just
don’t have that desperate child raging for something anymore.
And, even more remarkably, I haven’t been interested in alcohol since
either – which of course springs from the same well of emotion… so
a great bonus. I love being smoke and alcohol free

Thank you for all of your solid support and compassion Colin.

I’ve now done 58 days smoke-free – still the same perspective on it…..good stuff

Professional female


Thank you for all you amazing help that you did for me. We are now living in New Zealand for a year or two. We are taking time out from the mission field and felt this would give us a neutral place to relax. You are an amazing friend of ours Colin and we will never forget how you mean to us. You are always welcome in our live anytime, many blessings to you.

Male with young family, mid-20s, mission worker


Dear Colin,
I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you about
some of the things I’ve been doing since I stopped seeing you. I have
been to Starcross on the train for the day, been to the cinema and sat
through a whole film and enjoyed it!, spent the week camping with my
boys and also went to Bristol for the day for son’s birthday. I know
you probably would expect me to be able to do these things but I just
really wanted to let you know how amazing life is and how greatfull we
ALL are for everything you have done for me, you’ve changed my life thank you so much!!!!

Professional, Female, 34.



It occurred to me recently that you may be interested to hear how I am doing, as since the completion of our sessions I have found my outlook towards life, the universe, and everything in general fundamentally changed (for the positive).

My summer was the most enjoyable within memory. Although it didn’t involve anything particularly grand (no backpacking around the world or the like) I was able to allow myself to become immersed in the various things I did – to just be happy in what I was doing. The volunteering, holidays and socialising all became opportunities rather than obligations and the less I worried about being expected to enjoy them the more I actually did.

I have now been back in Bristol for a month studying for my Masters, and it is shaping up to be the best year yet. I’ve reached that ‘sweet spot’ between being busy and overwhelmed, where I am being stretched by all kinds of involvements but am just within my limits. I am sharing a house with people I like (!) and am finding the course interesting and not too demanding.

While, as is naturally human, I can become tired/grumpy/glum on occasion, I find such moments far more manageable and temporary. In fact, I’m able to remain positive and energised in stressful and negative situations far longer than most people (quite a useful tool working in catering!). Two of the most noticeable changes are being 1) far more disposed to ‘be up for things’ and become involved, and 2) able to spend time with others without needing to recharge via isolation or separation. There is also a general underlying feeling of positive wellbeing, which is difficult to put exactly into words.

I remain hugely grateful to you for guiding me through the process, and am convinced it was exactly what I needed to get myself ‘unstuck’.

Male university student, early 20s.


Meeting and working with Colin was THE best journey I have ever embarked on.  He is one of the most kindest, compassionate human beings I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I had no idea I was walking around and suffering from with Post traumatic Stress until a traumatic experience triggered off all sorts of fears and unexplained behaviour.  Colin helped me understand to process what was happening to me.  My first couple of  EMDR sessions were very overwhelming and even though we had prepared I really didn’t expect the intensity of emotions that EMDR would bring up for me. Working in a safe, secure environment, enabled me to trust Colin and the treatment which essentially saved me. I would like to share my experiences about EMDR. I think that conventional therapy is about managing internal pain and finding different behaviours to ‘cope’ with that pain, whereas EMDR essentially wipes it out.” I found that I developed a new sense of self.  Building up new programs & ways of thinking helped enormously.  The difference is remarkable, I now feel different from ‘managing’ the habitual programmes I have always known, lived, and operated under.”

AL, 46 south London


I had few sessions of EMDR with Colin as I needed some support and I wanted to give up smoking and I knew only a miracle would do it.  I was smoking about 20 a day and had been smoking for over 13 years.  Well, in three sessions I am no longer a smoker.

On top of that, he helped to make me feel calm and hopeful during one of the most challenging times in my life.

Colin’s warm yet professional approach made all the difference and I can’t thank him enough.

Anon, female, 29, office manager


I am well and thankfully still sober having not touched any alcohol for over a year now.

AH, North London


I worked with Colin in therapy for approximately two years starting with EMDR and then Gestalt therapy sessions.  When I started I was in such distress that I could hardly make decisions to find solutions to my problems.  After the second EMDR session I had regained some strength to actively decide to engage with services that would help me feel more secure.  We carried on with EMDR for a while and as the sceptic that I am, I doubted the process, but strongly trusted Colin and that trust helped me stay in therapy.   I found him to be a genuine, patient and most importantly a kind therapist, with pertinent questions and interactions which helped me understand myself and find new ways of dealing with the difficulties I was facing.  After a few months, my life had changed drastically in many different aspects such as work, relationships, hobbies in a positive direction.  Going to therapy was no longer a necessity but a tool to explore what I wanted from life and how I will get it.  A year on, since my last therapy session, I feel emotionally robust, happier as a person and feel that I am making a difference.  The positive effects of my work with him are still continuing.  I feel like I have gained a panoply of tools and instruments to lead a fulfilled life.  Again, thank you so much for helping me trust myself.

Chrystelle, 39, Mental Health Trainer/Psychotherapist


I had done very well in some aspects of my life, but poorly in others with an inability to say “No” nor the ability to see clearly how to get what I wanted in my life. Although I had attended courses over the years from which I discovered the reasons for the way I was, things were not changing.

Three years ago, I attended Colin Brazier’s practice which is based upon humanistic psychology, a technique that a friend had recommended. The weekly hourly sessions were gentle and interesting.

I became aware of EMDR part way through when Colin explained how it worked. Something I had never heard about before and which involved just one or two meetings. Again, it was gentle, safe and non intrusive.

I thought Colin was absolutely excellent and I am immensely impressed just how good he was. I never really knew where it was leading or what was happening which may sound strange, but nevertheless is unimportant when trying to sort these things out.  

Since then my life has improved and behaviour has changed which is quite remarkable when considering it had not been working for me for such a long time.

Philip. Retired manager. 65 years old


‘I have had a number of experiences of therapy in the past, with mixed results. I made contact with Colin on the recommendation of a friend and I came with some specific ideas about what I was looking for.  I found Colin’s approach very open and flexible.  We negotiated an agreement about the therapy which fitted with my wishes but which also, I think, reflected his professional views about what was likely to be helpful to me.  The Therapy included EMDR treatment.  My experience of  this was surprisingly vivid and it helped me reach a more benign perspective on a troubling episode from long ago, as well as reappraising some important relationships with other people in my life.’

Alan, health care professional, 56.


”I was suffering from post traumatic stress for three years after a road traffic accident. Due to the nature of the accident I felt that high levels of anxiety had taken over me whenever I drove a vehicle.  My view on life became negative and I had turned to alcohol.  My life had turned for the worst as alcohol then caused anger issues which had affected my life at home, with my partner and at work.

I never knew anything about EMDR treatment prior to meeting Colin.  After my first session I had a negative view point about the treatment and did not fully understand or believe that the sessions would help me.  I continued with the sessions and by the third session I along with my girlfriend began noticing a positive difference. I completed all sessions successfully.

Thanks to Colin I was able to finally pass through the brick wall, which had held me back and in turn moved on and began planning my wedding to my girlfriend of 5 years.  I began looking at life in a positive way again.

Working with Colin was great as he had a soothing and warm approach.  He spoke very positively and stopped me from feeling worthless.  He had a great positive vibe about him which helped me on my way through a difficult time.  His openness and straight forward approach helped me to release and talk about things I tried to avoid since the accident.  I was finally able to talk to someone about my problems.

Once again I cant thank Colin enough for how he changed me life for the better, and helped me through many obstacles.


Dev, 23, Mechanical/Electrical Engineer


I am very glad that our paths crossed and that you recommended that I try the long sessions of EMDR. After some considerable time (about 30 years!) of having difficulty with sleep I can report that my relationship with my sleeping pattern has radically changed over a very short period of time. I am no longer anxious / vigilant when I wake and often simply fall back to sleep in a natural way which feels very good!

During our last session It was delicious to assemble my ‘support team’ around me and apply their collective expertise, support and appreciation to the tasks of life ahead of me. I have taken on board that this is an ongoing process and that I can continue to learn and develop these approaches using the butterfly tapping technique (?) you taught me as well as the general ethos of the approach.

The therapeutic space felt safe and well held and I appreciated you attentiveness and care throughout our meetings.

Many thanks and good wishes

Adult male, Devon

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